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Top Ten Nutrition Tips!

Posted: Thursday June 26, 2008

Top Ten Nutrition Tips!
By Anil Kumar Raju Addipalli

People often ask about the best way to lose weight (fat). The answer is very simple: Eat nutritious food, in the proper amounts, at the right time.

This is very difficult to do in our fast-paced society. But properly nourishing your body is the key to increased energy, reduced body fat, a healthier look and an elevated immune system.

Here are top ten tips to nourish your body and keep it functioning at optimum levels.

1) Focus on improving your eating habits rather than participating in restrictive diets. Always keep in mind that what you eat and drink has a direct impact on how you look, feel and perform.

2) Go to the grocery store at least once a week to buy some fruits, vegetables and nourishing food. Leave the junk food on the shelves, because what you buy, you will eat. Also, don't buy the junk food for your kids, spouse or relatives. They don't need it either.

3) Try to focus on fueling your body with nourishing food rather than filling your belly with empty, sugar-loaded calories. Your body is a wonderful machine that needs nourishing food to function at optimal levels.

4) Try to eliminate casual calories that often contain no nutritional value. They include: soda, juices, candy, energy drinks and triple mocha caramel double fudge latte coffees. Remember, consuming too many calories will cause you to gain weight. It doesn't matter if these calories come from foods or drinks.

5) Don't fall victim to diet and weight-loss marketing professionals. Carbohydrates do not make you fat. Protein does not make you fat. Fat does not make you fat. Consuming more calories than your body burns will cause you to gain weight. It's that simple. Bottom line: Don't eliminate or dramatically restrict your intake of carbohydrates, protein or fat.

6) Eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day to help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Stabilized blood sugar levels not only help increase energy, they also will help you burn unnecessary body fat. Try to include some carbohydrates, protein and fat in each meal.

7) When eating fast food or dining out, order the meal as "cleanly" as possible. That means asking for sauces, dips and dressings on the side. Try to order a meal that contains some carbohydrates, protein and fat. Always keep in mind that the chef does not care if you are overweight or unhealthy. Order food with your health and fitness in mind.

8) Try to eliminate all deep-fried foods. They are loaded with trans-fatty acids. And yes, this includes french fries. I know they taste good, but they have a negative impact on how you look and feel.

9) Try to limit your intake of breads, bagels, potatoes and pastas (these are not the best source of carbohydrates) and replace with fruits and vegetables that will nourish your body with valuable nutrients. Fruits and vegetables also help to slow the aging process and boost your body's immune system.

10) Read food labels. Not all brands are equal and the manufacturers do not care if you are overweight or unhealthy. For example, some items are labeled "fat free," yet if you read the food label you will see that the product contains "mono and diglycerides". This is fat! Also, try to limit foods that contain "hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils" as these oils can contribute to heart disease.

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