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Tips for Adding Kale to Your Diet

Posted: Saturday April 25, 2015
by Imani Brown You may have never heard of kale Kale is one of those "mature" vegetables; you probably never even heard of it as a kid when your veggie repertoire consisted of just broccoli, peas and cabbage. Perhaps it wasn't until you were an adult and you started dating that sophisticat... Read more

5 Cooking Tools Every Beginner Chef Should Have

Posted: Saturday September 4, 2010
Caterina Christakos Many food-obsessed people think they need to have a kitchen full of all the latest appliances and fancy kitchen tools. If you watch a typical hour of television on certain cable channels, you're likely to see a number of commercials advertising all kind of goofy products that pr... Read more

Refreshing Iced Soup Recipes For Hot Summer Days

Posted: Wednesday May 19, 2010
Refreshing Iced Soup Recipes For Hot Summer Days By Christine Szalay Kudra If you associate soup with chilly evenings then you are not alone because most people think about soup when they want something comforting, soothing or warming. However, there are also chilled soup recipes and iced soup... Read more

How a Hand Juicer Can Change Your Life

Posted: Wednesday May 19, 2010
By Laurie Kavanagh If you are interested in better health, have you thought about juicing? Juicing fresh, raw ingredients (both fruits and vegetables) is a great way to add super fresh fiber, nutrients, and anti oxidants to your diet that you simply cannot get from supplements. Unlike artificial... Read more

Bread and Olive Tapas

Posted: Sunday August 9, 2009
By Sara Gray Delicious and satisfying tapas to make are simply chunks of bread with marinated olives. This is an authentic Spanish small plate. Here's what you'll need: Bread The best bread to use for bread and olive tapas, in my humble opinion, is any fresh baguette - easily found at you... Read more

Tools Home Cooks Love

Posted: Sunday August 9, 2009
Tools Home Cooks Love - 10 Clever, Timesaving Kitchen Tools For Under $50 (And Often Much Less)By Lis Golden McKinley My husband is the fixer of things in our home. I am the fixer of food, and, pretty darn good at it, thanks in part to professional cooking courses I've taken over the years and... Read more

What You Must Know About Trans Fat

Posted: Saturday August 8, 2009
By Mark Rosenberg, M.D. I often discuss the importance of eating a balanced diet. Today, I want to tell you about one important component of a healthy eating plan that is often misunderstood. I'm talking about dietary fat. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet or lose weight, fat is ju... Read more

Smoothie Easy Weight Loss Recipe

Posted: Saturday April 4, 2009
By... Read more

Healthy Fast Food Menu Options

Posted: Saturday April 4, 2009
By Danna Schneider Fast food restaurants have gotten such a bad rap in the past few decades as a major reason for the obesity epidemic in the US, that many of them have felt compelled to defend their existence. Recently, the head of McDonald's, one of the most often cited restaurants in the blame... Read more

Chef Knives - Buying a Kitchen Knife Set

Posted: Saturday April 4, 2009
by Patricia Wilcox Most knife experts will tell you to never buy a knife set. I am here to say that a proper knife set is a cooks best friend and kitchens best asset. Here is how to decide if a knife block is right for you, find the perfect knife set, and maintain it for a lifetime. Who is a k... Read more

Specialized Restaurant Supplies

Posted: Sunday January 18, 2009
By Ashley Howard Even the most experienced professional chefs sometimes overlook the value of specialized restaurant supplies. If you have ever inherited a box of unidentifiable kitchen contraptions from your grandmother, you have probably seen some strange-looking, specialized tools. Decades hav... Read more

Old Fashion Recipes For Cold Winter Days

Posted: Sunday January 18, 2009
by Linda Carol Wilson Now that winter has set in and with it the long, cold, often rainy or snowy days, it is time to warm your home and hearth with some delicious baked goods. Here is a good selection of recipes from my vintage collection that would be perfect to make with the kids or just by yo... Read more

Warming Winter Soups - Minestrone Soup

Posted: Sunday January 18, 2009
by Dyfed Lloyd Evans When the weather turns bitterly cold then there is nothing much better than tucking into a hearty bowl of warming winter soup accompanied by a decent chunk of crusty bread. Even the act of making a soup is comforting and warming in and of itself. Moreover, a soup can be... Read more

What is a Mediterranean Diet?

Posted: Friday August 8, 2008
Mediterranean Diet By Kevin Stith   The Mediterranean diet concept is that of a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, cereals, legumes and nuts that are low in saturated fats. It also includes low consumption of dairy products, seafood, poultry, red meat and small to moderate quanti... Read more

The Right Grinder Improves Your Coffee

Posted: Friday August 8, 2008
By Eric J. Slarkowski As with any food item, coffee beans oxidize when exposed to air. Since coffee grounds have a larger surface area, they are exposed to even more air and, therefore, can become stale much faster. Grinding your beans at home is the best way to drink coffee made from the freshes... Read more

Healthy Muffins with Yogurt and Oats

Posted: Friday August 8, 2008
Healthy Muffin Recipe with Yoghurt and Oats By Kit Heathcock Sweet treats for kids that are also healthy can be hard to come by, healthy treats that the kids actually like even harder. This recipe has been tried and tested by a part of the blogging community all around the world and as far as... Read more

Nature's Pharmacy

Posted: Wednesday August 6, 2008
By "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Hippocrates Good nutrition is one of the most important factors in determining your health, vitality and longevity. Yet these days we are bombarded with so much information that i... Read more

The Mechanics of Cooking

Posted: Wednesday August 6, 2008
By Before foods are cooked, and often after they are cooked, they are subject to a number of different procedures: peeling, slicing, chopping, kneading, folding, mashing, and more. Without a good understanding of these terms, cooking can be a diffic... Read more

Seven Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

Posted: Wednesday August 6, 2008
By Tim Ebl Everyone who cooks can use some of these practical, time saving kitchen tools. While you can get by with a bare bones kitchen and a few old pots and pans, a lot of dishes are harder to make or more time consuming to prepare. The items in this list can free up some of your time, help... Read more

The Garlic Press

Posted: Wednesday August 6, 2008
The Garlic Press - Food Ruining Tool Or Handy Kitchen Gadget?By Tim Ebl To press or not to press, that is the question! Garlic is undoubtedly high on the list of seasonings for many chefs and food lovers. It is found in foods worldwide, from main courses to side dishes. Honey garlic ribs, garli... Read more